Impact of Gen Alpha on gaming industry

Impact of Gen Alpha on gaming industry

Generation Alpha, the first truly digitally immersed generation born into an environment dominated by smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices. Gen Alpha currently includes all children born in or after 2010, the world’s youngest population is driving an inspired generation of gaming.

Research shows that 80% of Gen Alpha own iPads and phones, spending 2-5 hours a day on average. Their gaming interest differs from the older generations, as Gen Alpha has an increased appetite for combining gaming and social media through games, platforms, and the Gen-Z creators who dominate their feed, such as Fortnite, Minecraft, Roblox, Among Us, Ryan’s World, Stormi Jenner, Gang Beasts, YouTube, and the Metaverse.

Gen Alpha has grown up in a world of technology surrounded by smartphones and tablets and becoming digitally native as quickly as they learn their native language. Although a radically different upbringing to their parents and other generations, thanks to the older population, a marketing buzz has erupted upon their arrival.

Despite their young age, this demographic has already had a significant impact on the gaming market as they consume more on-demand media through multiple platforms. Brands and advertisers are finding innovative ways to understand and reach this rising generation as it has much broader influence beyond kid-centric programming.

Virtual social spaces are not a new concept in video games and the esports and gaming industry is inherently considered to be social and boundaryless. However, Gen Alpha are unique in using video games from such a young age, impacting their mindset to be active participants in the future of the industry.

Matthew Pickering, the CEO of Power League Gaming commented “The generational technology gap is closing since Millennial parents have been raised in a digital world and understand the risks and challenges of connected kids—but also the benefits.

“At PLG we are seeing more and more brands coming to us to find ways to reach the Gen Alpha generation in a safe and reputable way through content creators and various gaming platforms. Gen Alpha grow-up is aware of gaming, streaming, and all popular games. The accessibility of iPad and phones made it possible for Gen Alpha to start gaming at a young age as it’s considered the norm within their own generation. To ignore the emerging Alphas is to ignore the future. They are going to continue to shape our global gaming culture and physical world.”.


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