Calyx goes for Shikenso analytics for VRL MENA: Resilience

Calyx goes for Shikenso analytics for VRL MENA: Resilience

Calyx has recently announced that it have partnered with Riot Games to organize the MENA Regional League for the publisher’s game VALORANT. The VRL MENA Resilience 2022 will see the highest level of competition in the region battle it out in two stagesover the upcoming months.

With the commission to produce the league, Calyx is focusing on establishing an infrastructure that the audience will enjoy while at the same time building partnerships that achieve the best possible result for all parties involved.

To achieve this, the esports production company is building on a blank space analysis provided by Shikenso to understand the value created by different sponsor areas and assets in their live broadcasts. Image recognition and big data mapping provided by Shikenso allows for a detailed cross-platform analysis of all conceivable possibilities. The data can be used to improve Calyx’s product offering and allows commercialization of sponsor areas in the best possible manner.

Aravind Swaminathan, Business Development Director of Calyx said, “We are thrilled to partner with Shikenso Analytics for VRL MENA: Resilience. Analytics and statistics is a metric for growth and the services provided by Shikenso Analytics will ensure that we analyze our market in an efficient manner and will give us insights into how we can further grow our follower base.”

Arwin Fallah, CEO of Shikenso “Professionalizing the landscape of sponsorship data in esports through our solutions is one of the main goals for us at Shikenso. By using our solution, Calyx is able to understand its metrics from the ground up to build a sustainable infrastructure for future partners and sponsors and to better market its offering.”


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