ESL FACEIT Group creates new competitive Fortnite experiences

ESL FACEIT Group creates new competitive Fortnite experiences

ESL FACEIT Group (EFG) recently announced ESL Featuring Fortnite, an all-new competitive format built in Fortnite and powered by Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN). EFG will leverage cutting-edge UEFN tools to reimagine competitive Fortnite with custom islands, new game modes, and a team-based format. Not only will this unlock experiences for players, but it will also raise the bar for in-game partner integration that adds value to the community.

“By pairing the creative capabilities of Epic’s UEFN tools and Creator Economy with EFG’s industry-leading expertise in building world-class competitive ecosystems at scale, we’re creating a groundbreaking experience within Fortnite,” said Rodrigo Samwell, Chief Commercial Officer, EFG. “We’re not just building a game – we’re developing a self-sustaining competitive gaming platform that unlocks invaluable opportunities for competitors, brands, and fans.”

Introducing Competition Ready Game Modes and Custom Islands
ESL Featuring Fortnite will offer more ways to compete, watch, and win through a reimagined experience built in Fortnite. Inspired by classic FPS titles and building for 4vs4 teamplay, EFG and UEFN specialists 404 Creative will develop competitive game modes like Capture the Flag, Hardpoint, and Shrinking Zone, complete with specialized character classes to add depth in strategy, storylines and teamwork. This will also help grow the community by attracting new competitors from multiple FPS titles.

“ESL Featuring Fortnite is all about offering fans more ways to play and compete,” said Brian Krämer, Senior Director of Game Ecosystems, Growth Titles, EFG. “Not only does it promote a new caliber of team play, but it creates new avenues for esports organizations to find the next breakout star. We’re excited to watch this initiative grow and evolve for all kinds of players.”

The initiative kicks off EFG’s mission to introduce a self-sustained and community-driven esports ecosystem created with UEFN. With Epic Games’ Creator Economy 2.0, the company will create a closed-loop system to ensure a portion of the revenue is reinvested back into the community. EFG will lean on co-creation and invite feedback from the community to iterate and shape the future of these casual and competitive experiences together.

FACEIT: A Global, Open Platform for Fortnite UEFN Competition
Fans will have the opportunity to play new game modes via FACEIT, the official tournament platform for EFG’s UEFN tournaments. Users will be able to take advantage of FACEIT’s community features to connect with a network of players and events for competitors of all skill levels.

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