Women needs to realise the importance of self-belief and confidence

Women needs to realise the importance of self-belief and confidence

Adveta Dwivedi, Growth Hacker and Head of Marketing at GamersHub Media Events, has been fascinated by gaming ever since she began her journey. Adveta finds that accepting women in leadership positions and participating in competitions remains a challenge, but the collective effort towards inclusivity continues to bring positive change to the industry.

What initially drew you to gaming, and how did you become involved in the gaming industry?
My journey into gaming began with a deep appreciation for its unique fusion of technology and marketing. Initially, I was drawn to the captivating worlds, engaging narratives, and interactive experiences that gaming offered. As I immersed myself further into the gaming landscape, I became fascinated by the intricate blend of cutting-edge technology and innovative marketing strategies that underpinned the industry.

Can you share some of your favourite gaming experiences or memories and what made them special to you?
One of my most cherished gaming experiences revolves around live esports events. Witnessing gamers compete with such fervour is truly captivating. The behind-the-scenes hustle to ensure flawless production adds to the excitement. Additionally, the seamless integration of technology to support the players’ needs makes these moments even more memorable and thrilling.

As a woman in gaming, have you encountered any unique challenges or obstacles, and how have you navigated them?
My biggest challenges revolve around gaining acceptance from gamers and teams for women leaders assuming key roles in tournament organization, esports broadcasting, and women’s participation in competitions.

To overcome these hurdles, I’ve focused on consistently showcasing my competence, leadership skills, and unwavering dedication to the gaming sector. By prioritizing proactive communication, encouraging open dialogue, and leading by example, I’ve endeavoured to earn the trust and respect of gamers and teams alike. Furthermore, I’ve been a vocal advocate for gender diversity and inclusivity within my organization and throughout the wider gaming community, striving to foster a more welcoming and equitable environment for everyone involved.

How do you view the representation of women in games, both as characters and within the industry itself?
The representation of women in games, both as characters and within the industry, has been a topic of ongoing discussion and change. Challenges such as stereotypes and underrepresentation have been prevalent, but significant strides have been made to promote inclusivity. Initiatives like diversity programs, advocating for fair hiring practices, and creating diverse and empowered female characters demonstrate a growing commitment to fostering a more inclusive gaming environment. Despite the remaining obstacles, the collective effort towards inclusivity continues to bring positive change to the industry.

In my opinion, the Tomb Raider series exemplifies this shift with its protagonist, Lara Croft. Renowned for her intelligence, athleticism, and bravery, Lara has become a symbol of strength and capability in gaming, shattering stereotypes and inspiring players worldwide.

What initiatives or efforts do you think are important for promoting diversity and inclusion in the gaming community?
Promoting diversity and inclusion in gaming requires initiatives like mentorship programs, inclusive game design, and advocating for diverse hiring. Education and awareness campaigns are important to challenge biases and stereotypes and facilitate the change that we need. Creating safe gaming spaces with clear guidelines also addresses harassment and online bullying. These initiatives can work together to foster a more inclusive and welcoming gaming community for all.

Can you discuss any projects or contributions you’ve made to the gaming industry that you’re particularly proud of?
I take great pride in my involvement in projects featuring esteemed brands like BMW and RUSH within the gaming industry. In these endeavours, I meticulously devised plans, dove into intricate details, aligned key performance indicators (KPIs) with tangible outcomes for the brands, orchestrated contingency measures behind the scenes, and utilized advanced technological platforms to propel progress.

How do you see the gaming landscape evolving in terms of inclusivity and representation in the coming years?
In the near future, we expect significant strides toward greater inclusivity and representation in gaming. More diverse voices will be heard in both the games and the industry. Initiatives such as mentorship programs and inclusive game design practices will drive this shift, ensuring that everyone feels welcome and valued in gaming spaces. Ultimately, these efforts will lead to a more vibrant and inclusive gaming community where everyone can see themselves reflected and celebrated.

What advice would you give to other women who aspire to pursue a career in gaming?
One key advice I stress is the importance of self-belief and confidence. Having faith in your abilities is crucial for overcoming obstacles in your journey. Seeking out mentors who offer guidance and support is also invaluable for clarity and purpose.

Networking is essential for professional growth. Connecting with diverse professionals provides different perspectives and opens doors to opportunities. Challenging biases and advocating for oneself and others fosters an inclusive environment for success.

Lastly, I emphasize the need for continuous growth and self-improvement. Embracing lifelong learning empowers individuals to evolve as effective leaders, seize new opportunities, and make meaningful contributions to their fields.

How do you balance your life, such as work, family, or hobbies?
As a parent to a toddler and a newborn, I value the flexibility that comes with working from home. I prioritize efficient time management and sticking to schedules. Mornings are my preferred time to start my day, allowing me to ensure my children and household tasks are taken care of before diving into work meetings. I am dedicated to balancing my work responsibilities and childcare duties while also setting aside some leisure time in the late evenings to unwind and relax.

What are some of the most exciting developments or trends you’re seeing in gaming, and how do you hope to contribute to them?
Some of the most thrilling developments in gaming include the rise of innovative features on platforms – mini-challenges, tournaments, and educational initiatives. These trends reflect a growing demand for engaging, interactive experiences that cater to diverse interests and skill levels within the gaming community. As a contributor to this dynamic landscape, I aim to play a pivotal role in crafting and implementing these exciting features on our platform. By staying attuned to emerging trends and continuously adapting our offerings, I aspire to enhance the gaming experience for our users while contributing to the ongoing growth and innovation of the industry.



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