In-VR is World’s First Gaming Event Experienced Through a VR Setup

In-VR is World’s First Gaming Event Experienced Through a VR Setup

Imagine you’re standing in a level from your favourite video game. Its characters are walking around beside you, waving hello as they go about their business. To the side, a trailer for the game is playing on a huge virtual screen, which you can watch with your friends, who are joining you. Then imagine hopping out of that world and effortlessly heading into another to experience it all over again, then taking your VR headset off and finding yourself in your living room.

That’s the experience that In-VR wants to bring you. Set to take place on 28th December 2017, this is a conference like no other. It wants to be the first to give you an experience akin to E3 or Gamescom but without asking you to leave your home, pay for expensive travel, and then queue for hours to see content. In-VR is hoping to pull off the madly-ambitious idea of a conference that’s completely virtual, saving you time and money but giving you an event that goes beyond the confines of reality.

As the event’s official website points out, many people cannot attend large events like GDC or E3 due to difficulties involved with travel, so a convention taking place entirely in virtual reality (VR) appears to be an ideal solution. The event is aiming to have the same level of quality content as GDC, with exclusive releases, talks and panel discussions.

A big list of speakers are expected to headline at the event including executives from HTC Vive, Google, Magic Leap, SAP, PwC, IBM, and so much more. Exhibitors have been invited to design their VR stand exactly the way they want it, since there is no issue with space constraints in VR. The organisers also say that they are expecting 20,000 attendees from around the world, with the advantage that no one has to queue up for hours. The organisers say that the cost of exhibiting will be much cheaper than most events, due to lower logistics overhead.

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