ViewSonic at the forefront of gaming technology

ViewSonic at the forefront of gaming technology

Abdul Moiz Arif, Product Manager – LCD at ViewSonic, talks about the evolution of the gaming landscape in the region and how they are helping their ‘ELITE’ customers.

How would you describe the Gaming landscape in the region?
The gaming landscape is very vast; starting from 75hz to 240hz, there has been significant growth in the Middle East and Africa gaming community over the past few years and continuous growth is expected. The gaming trend is also changing. Earlier, the gaming industry was a niche arena for a specific age group or demographic segment. However, gaming has become a reliable entertainment platform for gamers from all backgrounds and ages during the pandemic. And we witnessed a spike in gaming monitors demand from all over the region. With the launch of the new gaming console, the gaming industry is expected to grow compared to previous years.

What does ViewSonic have to offer to the Gamers in the region?
ViewSonic is one of the major manufacturers and a preferred brand for gaming monitors by offering a wide range of gaming monitors with fast IPS panel technology, which secures a unique gaming experience. ViewSonic offers monitors in VX, XG and ELITE series that feature premium design and advanced features like RGB, AMD freesync premium and premium pro in addition to G-sync technology along with 75Hz to 240Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. We aim to provide affordable monitors through this wide range of models to cover different gamer segments’ needs, from beginners to casual gamers and professionals.

What has been the response to your ELITE line of gaming monitors in the Middle East?
ELITE had a positive response from the gamer’s community and partners due to the premium design with RGB feature, making it different from most other gaming monitors. As the gaming community is increasing, we have seen a growth in the demand for ELITE series by professional gamers who seek high-end gaming monitor performance.

What new innovations have you incorporated in your latest gaming monitors, and how does that help Gamers?
We added various innovations and features to our gaming monitors to elevate the gamer experience. There are many design enhancements like ergonomic stand, ELITE RGB feature, mouse anchor and headphone hook, which helps to manage the mouse cable and headphone to be placed conveniently to keep the gaming space tidier. Also, we added the super-fast IPS panels with AMD freesync premium and premium pro in addition to G-sync technology and QHD resolution.

From your portfolio of monitors, which are the most favoured by Gamers in the region, and how is the demand for Curved Gaming Monitors?
There are different segments or levels of gamers in our region. The beginners prefer to go with the VX18 series, while the rest of the gamers prefer the Elite series, like XG2405, XG270QC & XG270QG.

As for curved monitors, ViewSonic aimed to provide a captivating viewing experience through curved monitors like the VX18 series, and we have seen exponential growth each quarter, which proves that ViewSonic’s curved monitors are preferred by gamers from all over the MEA region.

How is ViewSonic engaged with the regional gaming community, and what steps are you taking to promote the region’s gaming culture?
We always aim to have a continues communication with gamers in the region, so lately, we are sponsoring online tournaments in different countries to support gamers in engaging with more viewers around the region. Soon we are planning to have our own tournaments where we will have group of gamers competing so that everyone can enjoy watching and to engage with the gamers. Also, we are always communicating with the gamer’s community through our social media pages to keep them updated with the newest technology that we are bringing to the region.

What can gamers expect from ViewSonic this year?
We are launching new gaming monitors like XG271QG, which will have G-sync technology and 240Hz refresh rate and XG2431 with freesync premium, 240Hz and 1ms response time. ViewSonic also has some good news for all the gamers that have bought new consoles like PS5. Since the recent launch of the PS5 console and its lack of 1440p resolution output support, an urgent need arose among gamers. According to Sony, users will not be able to output a native 1440p signal, putting the initial launch focus on 4K TV gamers. For hybrid (PC/console) gamers with QHD monitors, this results in downscaling to 1080p without a viable solution to experience high-resolution gameplay that is compatible with their current hardware.

In order to give past and present gamers the best experience possible, ViewSonic has optimized several QHD gaming monitors to support 4K signals effortlessly while auto-downscaling to QHD resolution. This provides gamers with the best experience without needing to activate troublesome modes or complicated software. Some of these monitor models are: Elite XG270QC, Elite XG270Q, VX2768-2KPC-MHD, VX3268-2KPC-MHD, VX2705-2KP-MHD/VX2768-2KP-MHD, XG2705-2K

ViewSonic is committed to providing continuous support for gamers worldwide, being at the forefront of fast-evolving gaming technology.

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