ViewSonic aims to boost the popularity of gaming monitors in the Middle East

ViewSonic aims to boost the popularity of gaming monitors in the Middle East

Based in Dubai, UAE, Max Hsu is the regional director for ViewSonic Operations in the Middle East and Africa since 2018. In 2001 Max started his career in the electronics field by joining Delta Electronics, and in 2002 Max joined BenQ Corporation as PM and was then promoted to Director for business development in India until 2010. Since then, during his time at BenQ Max managed 25+ cross-functional teams and developed projects for 20+ products that required competencies in strategic thinking and interpersonal communication. His journey continued by joining ViewSonic International Corporation Taipei office as Director for Product Marketing in 2014, and since then Max was promoted to Sales Director for MEA & India, then director for Business line where he developed new countries business, achieving an average of 30% growth in different markets. In 2018 Max was appointed Reginal Director for the MEA region and since then Max and his team are achieving yearly growth and developing new country’s businesses across the region.

Q: How has the market for gaming monitors changed in the past couple of years?
A: We have seen a major shift in the gaming monitors industry in the past couple of years, it has moved away from its tradition to more vibrant and accelerating changes due to multiple reasons. Firstly, the pandemic played an important role in bringing the necessities of home entertainment tools like never before. Most millennials and Gen Z were first to rush to console and online gaming and this resulted in an explosion of the gaming industry like never before. With growing interest, people got too technical in finding the best solution and for that first, you need a gaming monitor that can provide a good gaming experience. One of the hero products is VX2882-4K which gained the most popularity in the Middle East, North America, and Europe. Secondly, people working from home have transformed their space to fit gaming & working set-up to alter both needs.

Q: How has ViewSonic’s gaming monitor segment done in 2022 so far?
A: The gaming product line is doing well in the Middle East compared to other markets and given economical factors. ViewSonic has now two major segments to cater to the wide range of users, ELITE by ViewSonic, is a higher-end model which heavily invests in higher resolution, higher refresh rate and better response time and secondly the OMNI range of model which provides mid-range monitors at affordable prices. We have witnessed higher demand for the OMNI models so far in 1H’22 and expect more growth in 2H’22.

Q: What new gaming monitors are being launched by ViewSonic in 2022, and when?
A: In Q1-2022 we launched the XG251G ELITE monitor that provides gameplay with unrivaled speed, engineered with an ultra-responsive 360Hz refresh rate and 1ms (GTG) response time. The XG251G features NVIDIA G-SYNC processors to deliver the absolute best gaming experience by eliminating screen tearing and stutter, for buttery-smooth gameplay.

In Q2-2022 we have launched VX2882-4KP OMNI monitor featuring a 28” pixel-dense 4K Ultra HD IPS display, an ultrafast HDMI 2.1 connection that allows gamers to maximize gameplay across PC and Console, providing high-speed bandwidth for 4K gaming at up to 150Hz and AMD FreeSync™ Premium virtually eliminates screen tearing and stuttering by synchronizing the GPU and monitors outputs. And off-course a flexible connectivity via DisplayPort, HDMI and USB-C make connections to other peripherals or high-end graphics cards for gaming a breeze.

Q: How has ViewSonic upgraded its gaming monitor lineup to meet the changing consumer demands?
A: As a leading brand in the monitor industry, ViewSonic is always on the run to upgrade and develop the technology and solutions to provide our customers with the best monitors that can enhance and uplift their gaming experience. As we have witnessed the increasing number of the gaming community, especially with the newcomers who recently started the gaming experience, ViewSonic established a new product Line “OMNI” that provides a mid-level gaming monitor that can fit the needs and budget of any gamer, by providing a minimum of 144Hz, 1ms and IPS display technology. On the other side, our Elite monitors are in continuous development so we can offer our customers the best of speed, refresh rate, audio, display colors, and hardware-built quality.

Q: With the advent of a new generation of eSports enthusiasts, how do you see the gaming monitor evolving in the time to come?
A: Monitors are a main part of the gaming set-up for any gamer, as we like to say, it’s the Window to dive into the gaming experience so monitors must keep up with the developments, upgrades, and innovations. And this is ViewSonic mission to ensure all our customers have the perfect solution in front of them to establish a great gaming experience while taking in consideration the comfort of the user by providing them with healthy features such as ergonomics and a blue light filter.  In the end, I would like to invite all readers to visit ViewSonic’s online library and read about different e-sports topics by Clicking here.

Q: With next-generation game consoles now capable of supporting games at high refresh rates, can we expect more 4K 120Hz monitors to be launched at competitive prices?
A: We launched a console compatible monitor with 150HZ with HDMI 2.1 which is the VX2882-4KP, it is compatible with PS5 and Xbox series X. As for the prices, its competitive with time, keeping in mind that adding high end features to any monitor comes with a cost.

Q: Will ViewSonic be releasing new 4K gaming monitors with good HDR capabilities at competitive prices?
A: Yes, we have recently launched all-new XG320U with a 2.1 HDMI connection providing more bandwidth to experience blazing response times at incredible resolutions. Geared with a hyper-responsive 150Hz refresh rate for ultrasmooth gameplay, and a pixel-dense 4K UHD resolution screen, With AMD FreeSync™ Premium Pro, not only is screen tearing and stuttering eliminated, but you’ll be able to take full advantage of VESA DisplayHDR™ 600 certification and the Quantum Dot Technology, rendering vibrant colors, with incredible contrast and brightness.


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