Sharkoon expands its range of gaming chairs

Sharkoon expands its range of gaming chairs

Sharkoon Technologies has widened its range of gaming chair products by introducing three ergonomic headrest and lumbar cushions with memory foam. Particularly with regard to long gaming sessions, the cushions have been specially developed to support a healthy sitting posture.

Fully Ergonomic
The two headrest cushions, the SKILLER SHC10 and the SKILLER SHC20, can be easily attached, using their adjustable strap, to the top end of a gaming chair that has a high backrest. The cushions are designed to efficiently relieve the neck, especially during longer gaming sessions. While the SHC10 has a classic shape, the U-form of the SHC20 should also make it suitable as a travel cushion, providing additional support for any head position.

For the overall relief of the spine, the SKILLER SLC20 lumber cushion is designed to support the lumbar vertebrae in the lower back. The cushion can be simply placed on the gaming chair and requires no attachment.

Comfortable and Convenient
All three cushions have a soft fabric cover that can be easily opened with its zipper. The cover can then be removed and cleaned by hand. The inner material is a high-quality memory foam, which adapts exactly to the user’s body shape and then returns to its original form as soon as the pressure is removed.


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