Review: Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition (PS4)

Review: Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition (PS4)
Review: Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition (PS4)

Capcom launched Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition almost two years after the original game. Street Fighter V itself suffered a lot due to an early launch that was a bit lackluster. The game also lacked content, this making fans of the series angry. This time around, though, the hame comes packed with all of the post-launch support and characters. In addition, a new season pass for the upcoming characters has also been confirmed along with the release of Arcade Edition.

SFV: Arcade Edition also brings some fan favourites back into the game along with two new characters. While the original game had 14 new and old fighters, the Arcade Edition now has an impressive roster of 28 fighters – this is after the inclusion of Season Pass 1 and 2 characters. Six more fighters will be a part of the upcoming Season Pass 3, bringing the total number for the character roster to 34!

With Street Fighter V, Capcom does not really reinvent the wheel. It’s the same 2D bare-knuckle brawling you remember – however, with Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, you can expect a bigger and badder Street Fighter. Apart from the usual throwing, parrying, blocking, and so on, you also get the V-Gauge, which fills as you absorb punishment or use certain moves.

And once the V-Gauge is powered up, you can pull off V-Reversals or potent V-Triggers by pushing simple button combinations, giving the game just a touch of that accessible Super Smash Bros. flavor. Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition gives every fighter a second V-Trigger, with players being able to choose which one they want to use before each fight. Most of these new V-Triggers are quite different than the originals, and may well change your approach to some characters, particularly if you’re a high-level player.

On the PlayStation 4, the Arcade Edition can be downloaded in two ways. Existing Street Fighter V owners can download Arcade Edition as a free update, while newcomers can purchase the whole thing – base game and the update. The latter option also includes access to all season one and season two characters, expanding the playable roster dramatically. As such, we’d recommend nabbing the complete package if you’re up for Street Fighter V for the very first time.

In order to buy upgrades, additional stages, costumes and so on, within Street Fighter V, you need Fight Money. This is the game’s in-game currency. All characters outside the base roster need to be purchased with Fight Money and hence, you’ll need hordes and hordes of Fight Money to unlock everything, unless, of course, you spend real money instead. Having said all of that though, the Arcade Mode does not award any Fight Money.

The Arcade Mode though features a new UI – it now fits very well with the rest of the game. The Arcade Mode is split into six sections, each a blast from the past. Street Fighter mode only lets you select from fighters in the original game, whereas Street Fighter 2, 3, Alpha, 4, and 5 sees the roster expand as it did in each of those respective games. In the new Gallery system lies instructions on how to unlock all of the concept art, artwork, background music, and much more.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition comes packed with lots of other goodies, including some mostly cosmetic ones such as the re-worked menus and UI. A new mode called ‘Extra Battle’ pits you against challenges that have set deadlines, and completing these can unlock costumes. New V-Triggers significantly alter the flow and strategy of combat, while a gallery packed with hundreds of things to unlock will keep you extra busy.

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition is precisely what many gamers wanted two years ago. The roster, balance, modes, and amount of content are now fleshed out and in a convenient complete package. For anyone that has been waiting for this release, you’re not likely to be disappointed.



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