Review: SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7 Wireless Gaming Headphones

Review: SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7 Wireless Gaming Headphones
Review: SteelSeries Arctis Nova 7 Wireless Gaming Headphones

The SteelSeries Arctis series gaming headphones are known for their premium build, stellar audio technologies, and more. We recently got a chance to try the Arctis Nova 7 Wireless and here are our thoughts about the headphones.


The new Arctis Nova 7 Wireless that we have here shares some of the design elements and audio capabilities of the higher-tier Arctis series models (such as the SteelSeries Arctis 9 Wireless and the SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro). And as usual, the focus of the design is to provide a comfortable wearing experience while gamers play their favorite games with stellar audio quality.

The headphone is actually smaller in size as compared to the other high-end models we mentioned above and the device weighs only 325g. The outer shell of both the earcups features a soft surface and there are two SteelSeries insignias on either side. The headphone also sports a black-colored finish throughout its chassis.

While we have come across many headphones where one of the earcups may not have any connections or buttons at all, SteelSeries ensured that the outer shells of both earcups are used for different control options, connections, and more. As you can see, the right earcup features the dedicated ChatMix dial, along with the power button, the power LED indicator, the Bluetooth button,  and its LED indicator. The USB-C charging port is also located on the right earcup. And as for the left earcup, there is the dedicated microphone mute button, the volume control wheel, and the 3.5mm audio jack.

SteelSeries also placed the retractable ClearCast Gen 2 microphone on the left earcup. When in its closed state, the ClearCast microphone seamlessly remains hidden within the structure of the left earcup. The microphone also has its own LED indicator that shows if it’s in its muted or unmuted state.

SteelSeries has also implemented several comfort-based features which it is collectively called the ComfortMAX System. And this includes users having the option to adjust the height and rotate the earcups, along with a PVD-coated steel headband and the breathable and replaceable AirWeave memory foam cushions. These cushions help to enhance the overall wearing comfort and keep your outer ear portion away from any physical stress.

The AirWeave memory foam cushions have a honeycomb-like design pattern and the PVD-coated steel headband features the ComfortMax Fabric headband that can be easily adjusted or even replaced. The ComfortMax Fabric headband also has its own gamer-centric design pattern. SteelSeries mentions that the PVD-coated steel headband is about 14% lighter than the ones used in the previous models.

The packaging of the Arctis Nova 7 Wireless includes the headset, a compact USB-C dongle, one USB-C to USB-A dongle extension cable, one USB-C to USB-A cable, a 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable, a manual and the SteelSeries Lars mascot that says “FOLD THIS – FOR LARS”. The orange packing is the same as other SteelSeries headphones that we have already reviewed.


Looking at the audio capabilities of the headphone, the Arctis Nova 7 Wireless features the Nova Acoustic System which is designed to deliver stellar audio quality and immersive 360° Spatial Audio, thanks to the 40mm Neodymium High Fidelity drivers on both the earcups. The drivers are capable of producing high notes in crystal clear quality, along with precise mid-range tones and deep bass effects for a great gaming experience.

The 40mm drivers feature a frequency response that ranges between 20–22,000 Hz, along with the headphone sensitivity rated at 93 dBSPL, the headphone impedance at 36 Ohm, and total harmonic distortion of less than one percent. SteelSeries also mentions that the headphone can be customized with a Pro-grade Parametric EQ, which is a first in audio gaming technologies. And with the SteelSeries Engine, users will be able to fine-tune the equalizer based on their preferences. To customize the audio of your opponent’s movements and in-game sounds, users will be able to use the SteelSeries Sonar Audio Software. And this is especially helpful for those who play e-sports online multiplayer matches.

The AI-powered ClearCast Gen 2 microphone uses bidirectional noise-canceling functionality, which should help to cut out most of the unwanted noise while you communicate with teammates during online multiplayer matches. And this is thanks to the Sonar ClearCast AT algorithms that silence ambient sounds. You can also eliminate teammate noise with the ChatMix dial that is located on the right earcup.  The microphone also has a frequency response rated between 100-6500 Hz and a microphone sensitivity of -38 db. The headphone is also compatible with multiple platforms and includes PC, Mac, PS4, PS5, Switch, Mobile, and Oculus Quest 2 VR headset. Other premium features include support for 360° Spatial Audio for the best audio-visual gaming experiences.

It should be noted that SteelSeries does offer console-specific variants of the headphone, such as the Nova 7P for PlayStation consoles and the Nova 7X for Xbox consoles. The headset is also capable of simultaneously using its 2.4GHz Quantum 2.0 Gaming Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity. When it comes to battery life, the Arctis Nova 7 Wireless is capable of lasting up to 38 hours of use when using the 2.4GHz Quantum 2.0 Gaming Wireless and up to 26 hours of battery life when Bluetooth is also enabled. While the device supports USB-C fast-charge, charging for just 15 minutes can help the headphone last for 6 hours of battery life.


If you’re on the lookout for a good wireless gaming headset that offers enhanced gaming-focused audio customizations and premium construction, then consider the SteelSeries Arctis 7 Wireless. The headphone comes with ComfortMAX System that includes rotating earcups, a PVD-coated steel headband, and AirWeave memory foam cushions. The device weighs only 325g and this also includes the retractable AI-powered ClearCast Gen 2 microphone.

The headphone also has support for 360° Spatial Audio and sports 40mm audio drivers with a frequency response of 20–22,000 Hz. With the help of the Pro-grade Parametric EQ, users will be able to customize in-game sounds. The ClearCast Gen 2 also has support for bidirectional noise-canceling capability. The device offers simultaneous wireless connectivity for both 2.4GHz Quantum 2.0 Gaming Wireless and Bluetooth. While the headset can last for up to 38 hours of use, fast-charging the device for just 15 minutes delivers up to 6 hours of playtime.



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