Review: HyperX CloudX Stinger Core Wireless Gaming Headphones for Xbox

Review: HyperX CloudX Stinger Core Wireless Gaming Headphones for Xbox
Review: HyperX CloudX Stinger Core Wireless Gaming Headphones for Xbox

Console gamers often look for wireless headsets that are both affordable and also capable of enhancing the audio-visual gaming experience. We got a chance to review the HyperX CloudX Stinger Core Wireless Xbox gaming headphones and here are our thoughts about them.


HyperX has given quite an emphasis on the styling for its Stinger line-up of gaming headphones. And the HyperX Stinger Core Wireless is the entry-level offering of the series. The headphone weighs only about 213g and is very comfortable to wear. The headphone features special soft ear cushions made of the signature memory foam that is quite comfortable on the ears and this helps for longer gaming sessions.

While the outer area of the headphones features a greyish-black color, HyperX implemented a green ring around the outer area of the ear cushion. This is of course to match the universal Xbox color scheme. The portion that is located underneath the headband area also comes with a soft cushion to increase the comfort level while you wear it.

The height of the ear cushion levels can be easily adjusted, thanks to the steel sliders, and the positions of both the earcups can be moved to some degree for a secure fit. As for the onboard controls, the left earcup comes with the LED indicator, the power button, the volume dial, and a USB-C port. The right earcup comes with another button that is assigned for pairing and another dial to adjust the volume balance between voice chats and game audio.

Speaking of chats, the headphone has a swiveling mic that can be adjusted according to your liking, and not in a fixed spot. HyperX also mentions that gamers will simply be able to mute the mic by swiveling upwards. The mic comes with a uni-directional electret condenser microphone with noise-canceling functionality. The Stinger Core also has three HyperX branding, two of which are located on the outer areas of the earcups, and one on the top portion of the headband.

The package consists of simply the Stinger Core Wireless headphone a quick manual guide, and a short USB-C to USB-A charging cable.


While the Stinger Core Wireless is quite stylish, the headphone also has the hardware to deliver a good audio experience with Xbox consoles. The headphone is equipped with 40mm directional drivers with neodymium magnets that are tuned to offer loud audio and enhanced bass effects while you play with Xbox consoles.

Even though there isn’t any noise-canceling functionality, the over-ear form-factor and its circumaural, closed-back earcups offer good noise-isolating performance. The frequency response that the drivers can handle is between 20Hz and 20,000Hz, and the sensitivity is -40dBV.

We played some of the popular Xbox game titles such as Halo Infinite on my Xbox Series X, and I was able to hear audio details that were not usually audible through normal speakers. The audio was quite loud and the bass effects were really impressive and enjoyable, especially while playing multiplayer matches.

Speaking of Xbox consoles, HyperX mentions that CloudX Stinger Core Wireless only works with the previous generation Xbox One and the current Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X consoles. Connecting the headphone is as simple as connecting your Xbox controller to the main console via the pairing button.

However, for those who are wondering about its compatibility with other platforms, the headphone flawlessly connected to my Xbox wireless dongle for Windows PCs within a few seconds, and the audio of my gaming PC switched from my main speakers to the HyperX headphones. HyperX also mentions that the headphones are capable of lasting up to 17 hours of gaming.


If you are looking for a good and affordable gaming headphone to use with your Xbox consoles, then consider the new CloudX Stinger Core Wireless from HyperX. The headphone features a lightweight and stylish design with a color scheming that matches Xbox consoles. The earcups come with soft ear cushions that are comfortable to wear and they are also adjustable for a secure fit.

The headphones come with 40mm audio drivers that produce loud audio with good bass effects. The device also has onboard audio controls. including a dial that adjusts the balance between the game audio and voice chats. You can also mute the mic easily by swiveling the mic upwards. And you will also be able to use the headphones on Windows PCs with the Xbox wireless dongle.



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