Review: GameSir G7 SE Wired Gaming Controller for PC and Xbox

Review: GameSir G7 SE Wired Gaming Controller for PC and Xbox
Review: GameSir G7 SE Wired Gaming Controller for PC and Xbox

GameSir has recently released a new gaming controller that is designed with both Xbox and PC users in mind. We take a look at the new GameSir G7 SE wired controller, and here are our thoughts about the device.


Nowadays, third-party controller manufacturers develop new products with the Xbox Series wireless controller as the base reference design. As you can see, the G7 SE resembles a lot like the original Xbox controller, but with some GameSir-based modifications. The product dimensions are 152 x 103 x 63mm and the controller weighs only 221g. While the device comes in only white, users will be able to change the faceplates.

The GameSir G7 SE’s button layout and lighting are also a bit different. For instance, the LED indicator is located above the main Xbox button. On the contrary, the Xbox Series X/S controller’s LED is integrated within the Xbox button itself. The rest of the buttons, such as the menu button are placed below, the left and right sides of the Xbox button. While the ABXY buttons are quite smaller than the Xbox controller versions, they do feel pleasant to use while gaming and the tapping sounds of the buttons are satisfying to hear.

The D-pad is also impressive to use and is different from the Xbox version. We should also mention that the G7 SE uses hall-effect sticks with anti-drift contactless sensing methods. GameSir mentions that the sticks are durable and can last up to five million cycles. While the GameSir G7 SE is not a wireless controller, users can easily detach the USB-C cable. However, I was disappointed with the fact that the USB-C port on the controller only fits the included USB-C cable, and this is because of the way the port is designed. Users should be able to use normal USB-C cables instead of a GameSir-made variant.

That said, the GameSir G7 SE also features Hall Effect analog triggers with better accuracy. The analog triggers also feature a mesh-like surface for better grip while playing. I noticed that the trigger buttons are more silent when pressed when compared to the original Xbox controller. Users will also be able to change the faceplates easily for customizations, thanks to the magnetic connections. There is also a 3.5mm audio jack under the joystick.

Here is an image of the GameSir G7 SE compared to the original Xbox Series X/S wireless controller. We should also point out that there are mappable back buttons for extra controls called R4 and L4. And if you don’t prefer to use them, there are dedicated switches that disable these buttons when not needed, preventing you from accidentally activating unintended commands.

The device also houses up to four rumble rotors, each located in the grips and triggers. The packaging includes the GameSir G7 SE controller, a 3m white USB-C cable, and a faceplate.


The GameSir G7 SE wired controller is designed for both Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC platforms, allowing gamers to use the device at ease on multiple platforms. The gameplay experience with the controller is good and I was able to play Xbox Series X games comfortably with its default factory configuration. We tried several games, including Halo 5 and Halo Infinite.

While the controller felt lighter while playing, I do wish that there was a wireless variant of the G7 SE. That said, the length of the included 3m braided USB-C cable is more than sufficient. You can also fully customize the controller mappings using the GameSir Nexus software and set up three different custom profiles. Gamers can then quickly switch between profiles by pressing the M button + Y/B/A/X buttons. We tried the GameSir G7 SE on our testbed which includes the AMD Ryzen 7700X processor, Lexar 6000 MHz DDR5 memory, ASUS ROG Crosshair X670E Hero motherboard, an XFX 1000W PSW, the XFX Radeon 5700XT GPU, and more.


If you are looking for an affordable Xbox controller but don’t mind the lack of wireless connectivity, then consider the GameSir G7 SE. While the controller comes with a similar design to the original Xbox counterpart, the device comes with detachable magnetic faceplates for user customization. It’s a considerably lighter controller and also features mappable back buttons.
The G7 SE also sports hall-effect sticks and hall-effect analog triggers. You can customize three different profiles by using the GameSir Nexus software, and you can easily switch between the profiles at any time without interrupting your gameplay. The lack of wireless capability is compensated for by the extra-long 3m graded USB-C cable.



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