Pixel Glory: Light and Shadow Successfully Funded on Kickstarter

Pixel Glory: Light and Shadow Successfully Funded on Kickstarter

Zafty Games has announced that Pixel Glory: Light and Shadow, a retro themed dungeon crawling card game has reached its funding goal on Kickstarter. The game comes in two versions: Light version and Shadow version. Each version showcases one of the new elements being introduced to the Pixel Glory universe. While both versions play the same way, each version has exclusive box art and cards that are found in secret card packs included with the game. Those that wish to back the campaign have until March 14th.

Pixel Glory: Light and Shadow is the standalone sequel to Pixel Glory and is meant to be the definitive introduction to the series. In Pixel Glory, players each play a wizard out on a quest to save the village from the monsters that inhabit the nearby dungeon. In the first phase of the game, players will master various elemental spells by drafting them through a unique auction-drafting mechanic.

Once ready, they will enter the dungeon phase, where they will be using these spells to battle the most unimaginable of foes. However, the quest, while seemingly honorable, is one that they partake purely for personal gain. In reality, theyre self-serving wizards only out to gain the admiration of the townsfolk. Not only do they have to survive the dungeon, they must use their spells wisely to outmaneuver their fellow wizards as only the one that deals the last hit on these monsters will reap the fame and the glory.

The new game adds two new elements, light and shadow, along with new spells and monsters. The dungeon phase of the game has been completely revamped, bringing in the threat of being eliminated from the game when players lose all their health. Cooperative, hidden traitor, solo, and two versus two game modes have also been added in addition to the classic competitive mode.

Zafty Games is a tabletop game publisher with a steadily growing portfolio which includes games such as Pixel Glory, Pixel Glory: Light and Shadow, Gingerdead House, and Death Wish.

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