Mensa Technologies launches new card game, Mensa Card

Mensa Technologies launches new card game, Mensa Card

Mensa Technologies has announced the launch of their game “Mensa Card” which consists of many different card games that will allow friends and individuals to play games virtually using video calls in the game.

Dr. Shasha Tan, Founder and Partner at Mensa Technology said: “We have been keen in the company to launch applications and games that are suitable for the citizens of the United Arab Emirates, the Arab Gulf region, the Middle East and North Africa, in light of the lack of enjoyable applications for individuals and users, which put us in front of a great challenge to provide a qualitative and distinctive application that includes a group of electronic games that people are looking for and suits all ages, prompting us to launch the game “Mensa Card” that currently consists of two games: “Baloot” and “Hand”, and in the second phase, a group of other games will be added to the application, such as “Trix”, “Tarneeb”, “Lekha” and more.

Dr. Tan added “Individuals and users can download the “Mensa Card” application via Android and iPhone devices with ease, and start playing with friends and individuals, where the service of talking with players is available, and the video service will be added for more interaction and enthusiasm.

She showed the Mensaverse Ecosystem, which  is not only technical expressions, but also have the potential to completely change the existing life and work. Create, play, display, socialize, trade are the core principles of the Mensaverse. In the digital age, the economy and society will face a comprehensive digital transformation. On the basis of industrial transformation, digital assets, digital currencies, digital markets, etc. will form a complete digital economy. Dr Tan deeply believe that “Mensaverse” will become another new Internet form after the mobile Internet.


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