How to choose your RAM for best gaming experience

How to choose your RAM for best gaming experience

Antoine Harb, Team Leader Middle East and North Africa at Kingston Technology shares the top tips to choose best RAM in the business that will deliver the best gaming experience a PC can offer

Any gamer would know that having the best gaming experience lies in every component of his PC. Graphic cards, processors, storage, motherboard, and memory. These and more contribute to the totality of a PC’s performance with an impact on end-user experience.

RAM, or random-access memory, specifically plays a part in enhancing a device’s responsiveness. As a gamer, if you want your games to load and run smoothly, then choosing high-quality RAM products is imperative.

It is in RAM where data for any of your PC programs is stored temporarily. In gaming, it makes your experience as realistic as possible by loading your game load levels and effects quicker. This way, you get right straight into the gameplay without having to wait longer than necessary. Sufficient or higher PC memory prevents glitches or slow response times. It not only boosts responsiveness but also results in improved frame rates.

Buying the right memory cards will depend on the games you want to play. If you are the type who runs other applications in the background while playing a game, then you will need more RAM. This ensures that your device is in peak form, which means it can run various software programs simultaneously without compromising your system’s overall performance.

As RAM comes in various sizes and generations, it is important to know which one best addresses your requirements. Here are the two factors to consider when choosing a RAM module for your gaming PC.

How much memory do you need for gaming?
8GB of RAM lets you play many games without any issue such as Cyberpunk 2077, Fortnite, Apex Legends, Rainbow 6 Seige (R6) and World of Warcraft Shadowlands. However, as this is considered the minimum amount of memory for your gaming PC, some games might not play at the highest quality. It may also limit you in terms of running other applications.

The recommended optimal amount of RAM for a high-end gaming PC is 16GB. This size allows you to play games such as Call of Duty Warzone and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) while running other software in the background.

Some gamers, however, are pushing the number up to 32GB or even 64GB.  At 32GB, you can enjoy graphically enhanced gameplay while doing other heavy tasks such as livestreaming. This size is also gaining popularity among gamers these days as it enables increased frames per second (FPS) and readies their device for future game releases that will require more RAM.

The speed of your RAM is equally important as its size. How fast your gaming PC can load information depends on your RAM’s DDR generation. Available in the market today are DDR3, DDR4 and DDR5. The newest generation, DDR5, brings about many benefits compared to DDR3 and DDR4 in terms of speed, capacity and voltage use. But compared to DDR3, DDR4 runs faster and more efficiently as it uses a lower voltage and has a larger number of pins.

The three have different connections, numbers of pins and keying. As such, you have to make sure that the product you are buying is compatible with your device’s motherboard. The latest generation is also the most expensive among the three as it is the fastest and delivers the best performance.

To get the RAM that best meets your needs and is the most compatible with your device, it is highly recommended that you first check your system requirements.


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