Godzilla vs. Kong is now available at PUBG MOBILE

Godzilla vs. Kong is now available at PUBG MOBILE

The highly anticipated Version 1.4 update has arrived in PUBG MOBILE, introducing Titans as part of its Godzilla vs. Kong partnership, along with a number of significant changes. Beginning today, players will be able to encounter Titans including Godzilla, Kong and Mechagodzilla in-game as they explore various maps via designated routes while interacting with Apex Cybernetics and Monster Settlements. The battle on Erangel will take a new turn starting June 9th as players will now be able to shrink themselves down to the size of an insect and teleport throughout the map with the new microcosm gameplay. A new over the shoulder (OTS) aiming mode, new vehicle, and new arena map have also been added to further enhance the game.

Mysterious Titans have begun to appear across the Erangel, Sanhok and Livik maps. Players can select the Titan Strikes mode at the beginning of each match. As the battle begins, these colossal creatures will move randomly across the map. While they are usually passive towards players, having too many players around can make them angry and hostile. Apex Cybernetics and Monster Settlements are two new elements that have been added to the game, both of which Titans will set out to destroy. Apex Cybernetics contain beneficial supplies that can be looted once destroyed by a Titan. Monster Settlements also have beneficial loot; however, players will have to defeat hostile monsters in order to acquire it.

While extremely dangerous, Titans also passively absorb energy and release it in the form of Titan Crystals. These crystals provide different special effects, such as a special throwable knockback and burn item or a buff that enhances a player’s abilities. The first Titan, Godzilla was released in PUBG MOBILE on May 11th in Erangel, with Kong entering Sanhok on May 15th and Mechagodzilla in Livik on May 20th. Players can also look forward to a unique event that will take place during the final stages of the Titan Invasion.

Version 1.4 also adds the new arena map, Hangar, which supports three modes including Team Deathmatch, Arena Training and Team Gun Game from June 1st. Set in the hangar of a giant, unknown ship far out in the open ocean, this map provides tight corners and plenty of cover in which quick reactions and accuracy will be rewarded. Hangar is sure to provide exciting, pulse-racing tension for those who enjoy fast-paced firefights.

On June 9th, the Version 1.4 update will introduce a series of strange Labs to the Erangel map, with each holding a mysterious Quantum Transformation Device. Players who interact with this device will experience the game in an entirely new way – they will be transformed into a miniature insect player. In this state, players can only fight other insect players with special weaponry and cannot be killed with normal weapons except pans. Miniature players can also exploit Wormholes to traverse Erangel, by travelling between laboratories.

Players will now also benefit from the new over the shoulder (OTS) aiming mode. The introduction of this new button will slow movement speed while increasing shooting accuracy. Used effectively, OTS mode will allow players to be more accurate in their long-range battles and gives more ways to win gunfights. This mode is customisable and can be turned on and off in the Basic Settings tab.

For those who prefer joyriding with friends to intense gunfights, the new CoupeRB provides a speedy and stylish way to get around. A two-seater sports car, the CoupeRB is one of the fastest vehicles in PUBG MOBILE with a top speed of more than 150km/h. The vehicle is available on Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Livik.

Alongside these highlights, Version 1.4 includes a huge number of balancing changes to the game, both in weapons, game stability and anti-cheat detection.


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