Give the Gamers What They Want to Earn Their Trust: Lenovo

Give the Gamers What They Want to Earn Their Trust: Lenovo

Games MEA speaks to Mohammed Hilili, the General Manager of Lenovo Gulf and KSA about the gaming market in the region

Tell us about the gaming market in the Middle East.
The gaming market in the Middle East is growing at a fast pace. There is more interest in PC gaming among users. In the UAE for instance, we have seen the gaming market grow at the rate of 60 percent year-on-year. The install base is also increasing – we are talking about 1500 units per month on an average. That is the reason we have launched our gaming brand Legion in the region which includes both notebooks and desktops focused at regional gamers.

Which product categories according to you are in demand when it comes to gaming?
We see that this market is more of a laptop market than a PC one. This is because of many reasons, including portability. If you look at hardcore gamers, they stick with a gaming desktop PC. But that market is very niche, when it comes to numbers. However, newer gamers who are possibly shifting from console gaming to PC gaming usually opt for laptops due to the portability function. Also, many gamers who are predominantly desktop users, also own a gaming laptop which they can carry around so that they are not bound to a desk anymore.

Is Virtual Reality a major driver for the growing demand for gaming products?
We have seen lots of traction in terms of demand coming in from Virtual Reality (VR) enthusiasts. Looking at the market trend, we will soon be launching our very own VR devices by the end of the year to capitalize on this market and offer a broader product portfolio. Gamers are very interested with new tech, because the gaming experience is a whole lot better with devices that support VR. Many of our gaming desktops and laptops today are VR-ready.

What sort of features do your products come with in terms of upgrades and customizations?
Our gaming desktops come with a tool-less design. This means users can upgrade their gaming desktops very easily without using any tools. Some of our laptops also come with a overclocking feature in order to offer users more performance.

How do you plan to build brand loyalty around your Legion range?
We have launched our Legion brand in this region to create a brand following for our products. We understand what today’s gamers need and hence we design and build our products that match their demands. Today’s gamers know what they want. So if a brand can offer what they really need, the brand loyalty will automatically follow.

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