GIGABYTE launches AORUS 17X comes with Intel i9 HX Extreme Performance

GIGABYTE launches AORUS 17X comes with Intel i9 HX Extreme Performance

GIGABYTE launched the new flagship model AORUS 17X featuring the 12th Generation Intel Core i9 HX Series Processor with breakthrough high performance. The Intel Core HX series adopts a new performance hybrid technology that redefines the multi-core architecture of high-performance laptops.

It is built with the new Intel 7 process technology to provide revolutionary performance. The boost clock is up to 5.0GHz, the performance has grown significantly, and it has achieved outstanding results in heavy-duty computing tests. AORUS 17X supports the latest DDR5-4800, with the reading speed significantly increased over the previous generation DDR4-3200. Enjoy stable output during multi-tasking or fierce game battles.

AORUS 17X is equipped with the highest specification NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 series graphics card, introduces MUX switch graphics card switching technology, allowing players to choose Optimus smart power saving or switching to discrete GPU output only mode to improve extra performance. Benefits from the finest cooling technology exclusive in the market. WINDFORCE Infinity all-copper cooling technology has 2 fans with 84 blades, 6 heat pipes, and multiple cooling fins that can efficiently remove heat produced by the CPU and GPU, keeping the laptop cool and maintaining high-performance throughout the workload.Different from general laptop screens, the 2022 AORUS is the first GIGABYTE gaming laptop to introduce bent-type technology on the screen’s PCB, reducing the screen’s width of the bottom border by 30%, making the overall screen-to-body ratio reach 90%, realizing the world’s first four-sided super-thin bezel gaming laptop, improving visual extensibility and game immersion.

With the ultra-high refresh rate of 360Hz, the display shall never tear or blur as the extremely fast reaction time of 3 milliseconds gives the players unparalleled advantages on the battlefield. With the use of the bent-type panel, AORUS 17X has a big 17” screen but in a nearly 15” chassis. The AORUS 17X’s slim body greatly increases portability. The ultra-high screen-to-body ratio gives this thin laptop a 17″ screen, punching way above its weight class. Slide the laptop effortlessly into your backpack and immerse in an expansive e-sports gaming experience, any time any place.

Regarding Wi-Fi connectivity, AORUS 17X features the latest Wi-Fi 6E, which expands on the new 6GHz band with a dedicated spectrum, greatly reducing the latency caused by crowded connections, and enabling more transmissions at a faster rate.For top gamers, the most important aspect of gaming laptops is that they match the highest grade of specifications, allowing the player’s skillful maneuvers to truly shine.

The AORUS 17X features a low-travel keyboard with extremely instant response times, allowing users can hit each key faster than their opponents, which undoubtedly brings an unmatched advantage in the speed-driven gaming world. Also included are all-region Anti-Ghosting N-Key Rollover, as well as per-key macro functions that enable players to maintain consistency in their APM with precision.

Additionally, the keyboard is equipped with RGB Fusion technology and adopts the brand-new interface of the GIGABYTE Control Center, allowing players to define their unique colors and present their characteristics effortlessly. With a keystroke lifetime of up to 10 million presses and outstanding tactile feedback of the keys, this product provides a striking tactile experience.

With DTS Sound Unbound, an advanced spatial sound effect feature, the audio is rendered in all directions of the players and restored realistically, allowing every rustle made by the enemies to be noticed before you locate them. Combined with a high-refresh-rate screen up to 360Hz, you will always be one step ahead of your enemies, dominating the maps of games. AORUS 17X not only provides excellent performance but also comes with the finest gear, leading you to the path of victory on your every venture.


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