GhostShark Games Joins Freejam in a Epic Partnership

GhostShark Games Joins Freejam in a Epic Partnership

GhostShark Games has announced that it will collaborate with Freejam on the development of Robocraft Royale. Robocraft Royale is a battle royale game set in the Robocraft universe. Players will fight against 100 other players in a large 8 x 8 kilometer map, while hunting for the best vehicle to win the battle. Robocraft Royale robots will be curated from among the wide variety of designs from Robocraft’s Community Robot Factory (CRF).

GhostShark will be at first responsible for the optimization of the resources streaming and rendering systems. These systems are essential for a battle royale game to allow the player move and fight within wide environments that are streamed at runtime without loading screens or noticeable slowdowns.

“GhostShark Games is excited about the partnership with Freejam. We have great respect and admiration for their work and achievements, and we are proud to be part of the development team of their new Robocraft game,” said Davide Barbieri, the co-founder of GhostShark Games.

GhostShark Games is an independent game development studio based in Rome, Italy. They are known for Blockstorm, a voxel FPS game bought on Steam by more than half a million players. They are currently developing their own IPs while they also are providing game development services for hire.

Freejam is a game development studio located in the vibrant cultural hub of Portsmouth, UK. The indie team is currently working on multiple projects for both PC and console platforms, most notably the acclaimed free-to-play game Robocraft which has over 13 million registered users worldwide.

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