Garena releases the new season of Free Fire Rampage 2.0

Garena releases the new season of Free Fire Rampage 2.0

Garena is to release its new season of Free Fire Rampage 2.0, providing more exciting battles and game-play features for gamers across the MENA region to win attractive prizes. Available to play between June 25 and July 9, the Rampage event will include improvements to the game-play and on-screen visuals, enhancing the overall experience for fans of Garena Free Fire – the most downloaded mobile game in 2019.

Players can represent either the Bringers Team or Warriors Team with the aim of collecting Carnage points. Members of the side with the most Carnage points will win a wide range of exclusive Rampage merchandise while dozens of Royal vouchers can be exchanged for new brand skins or items.

With a specially-designed and simple interface, gamers can keep track of their progress on the Carnage Scoreboard. In addition, it will also display the top 100 players of each team, who will be awarded a full set of the M1014-Apocalyptic Weapon skin, strengthening their chances of triumphing.

Gamers will also have an opportunity to collect and exchange their Rampage tokens between 25 June and July 12 at the Faction Store. With each team having its own dedicated Faction Store, players will be able to unlock each of the two tiers if they have enough points. By unlocking the second tier, players can claim better rewards.

Players will also have the option to call-back their friends and play alongside them for a chance to win up to 99 weapon vouchers and other prizes including Emote, surfboard, and a Deadbox skin.

In addition, gamers who play on July 4 will be awarded with a weapon loot crate drop after their game and an UMP weapon skin. Players can also collect better prizes by obtaining a special badge as well as a different reward for their daily login prize.

Adding more excitement to the gameplay, Garena Free Fire will also introduce its second season of Rampage Game Mode between 4-12 July with players competing as teams in 4v4 battles as part of the updated game mode.

During the 8-minute matches, the teams will work together to navigate their way around the map in their bid of acquiring the 3 available Hardpoints and gaining the valuable points on offer.

As part of Garena’s aim to make the matches more challenging, players can also claim the Rampage costume that will give them an advantage against their opposition. Players who acquire the costume will be transformed into one of the iconic Rampage characters, benefitting from special attributes such as higher HP, higher damage output, and faster speed.

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