ESTAZ onboards Humanagement to promote esports in the region

ESTAZ onboards Humanagement to promote esports in the region

Humanagement, the top-notch agency for celebrity and influencer management and digital marketing, has announced today a new partnership with the leading fully-fledged esports marketing, tournament, and league operations group in MENA – ESTAZ. This new alliance aims at bolstering representation of the esports industry and professionals as well as increasing investment opportunities in the sector.

As a pioneering agency in the field of celebrity management in the MENA region, Humanagement has established itself as a trustworthy partner for brands marketing and a go-to agency for influential and industry-renowned personalities. In fact, since its establishment in 2008, the agency has supported the growth of brands and boosted campaign revenues in an exponential way.

In a statement about the partnership, Hady Hajjar, Co-Founder of Humanagement said “Our desire to remain ahead of market trends has certainly encouraged our decision to partner with ESTAZ, a prominent esports company in the region. We see great potential in this sector and are eager to explore it as we help it to unfold in this market.”

With a host of comprehensive esports solutions ranging from tournaments, amateur and professional leagues, to in-game broadcast and content production, ESTAZ has risen to become the leading professional esports company in the Middle East and North Africa. In addition to hosting the games, the company fostered numerous esports talents and effectively helped in altering the narrative around esports and gaming, making this sector more sustainable and reliable. Having created a state-of-the-art platform, ESTAZ.GG, and a broad ecosystem for gaming  esports enthusiasts and wannabe as well as pro e-athletes, ESTAZ provided new avenues for esports brand marketing and opened the door for exploring untapped investment opportunities. With its immense and fast-growing young audience present on its online platforms, the company bridged the gap between the young potential buyers  cord-cutters-who prefer to consume non-traditional media- and brands.

Hajjar continued: “Today, international market insights suggest that esports will become a solid contributor to national GDPs. The MENA region is not far from these trends. With a fast-growing market, boasting a young tech-savvy population, high internet penetration, high engagement level on online platforms along with a growing gaming community, the region held the fastest growing gaming market for years. In Saudi Arabia alone, there are 21.1 million gamers who have helped contribute $1 billion in revenues to the global gaming market in 2020 alone. What’s more, governments in the UAE and KSA are taking new decisions to instill and grow a steady ecosystem for esports. All of these elements make our interest and collaboration with ESTAZ a promising avenue.”

Commenting on the new partnership, ESTAZ Founder and CEO, Charbel Khoury said “ESTAZ has grown tremendously in the last 12 months. We have played over 50 tournaments, 5 big leagues and have given away more than $80 of cash prizes. Our Ads have reached more than 30 million gamers and esports fans in MENA. Our content has been viewed by more than 2.5 million persons. We can safely say that we have just embarked on our next journey of growth.”

Khoury added “Our plan is to deliver unbeatable solutions to esports players, fans, talent, and brands across the esports spectrum. We already have a fully-fledged in-house team of top-notch creative, VFX/GFX, social and paid media, tournament operations, in-game broadcast, and content production talent, minus talent management and representation. That is why we chose Humanagement to become our external arm for the promotion of talents and brands on our platform, and in our tournaments and leagues. We are now in the perfect position to attract best-in-class esports casters and content creators from MENA by offering rising esports talents the opportunity to take their esports career to the next level. Today, I can proudly say that ESTAZ and Humanagement have formed an unparalleled powerhouse on the MENA esports scene.”

The steady interest in esports in the MENA region has pushed its main players to host many leagues, tournaments and related events. Dubai for its part has inaugurated its twelve-day event – Dubai Esports Festival 2022 – on November 9. More events are expected to come to the region within the next months.


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