Amazon has become the most popular digital gaming store in US

Amazon has become the most popular digital gaming store in US

A recent survey by data company Statista claims that Amazon is the most popular digital gaming store among gamers in the United States. The survey was conducted among 5,121 individuals who play video games and have spent money on digital purchases. The survey, which allowed multiple answers, asked the respondents “Where have you spent money online on digital video games in the past 12 months (downloads, in-app purchases)?”. The survey was conducted from October 2022 to September 2023 and respondents were aged 18-64 years.

Amazon Games/Prime Gaming took the top spot with 39% of gamers picking the store as an option. Google Play Store was not far behind with 36% of US gamers having made a purchase from the store within the last 12 months.

Sony’s PlayStation Store comes next with 34% of votes. The PS store is the most popular console dedicated store in the United States. Apple’s App Store and Apple Arcade combined to get 33% reach for the tech giant in the digital gaming market.

EA Sports’ EA Play/Origin is next but quite far behind the already-mentioned stores with a 25% approval rate in the survey. Microsoft Store could only manage the sixth spot on the list with a 23% share of votes.

Epic Games Store/Launcher is next with 22% of votes followed by Blizzard/ with a 20% share. Compared to the popularity of its current console Switch, Ninetndo’s eShop is not that popular among the US gamers with only 20% of them having shopped from it during the past year.

Steam, a popular PC gaming store from Valve, is next with a 18% success rate in the survey. from Polish gaming company CD Projekt is next on the list with 13% share.

Humble Bundle, a digital storefront owned by Ziff Davis, and Ubisoft’s Store/Uplay/Connect were tied at the bottom with 10% share of votes each.


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