Aarik and The Ruined Kingdom releases trailer

Aarik and The Ruined Kingdom releases trailer

Aarik and The Ruined Kingdom is officially coming to Steam on June 20th. Shatterproof Games, a small indie studio, has finally released a unique puzzle adventure game that combines peaceful puzzle-solving with an epic narrative after the successful Demo. The game invites players to explore a colourful, isometric world of varied landscapes, each packed with clever and increasingly challenging puzzles.

The release trailer unfolds a tranquil, thought-provoking experience, showcasing various environments and unique puzzles that players will encounter. It presents a relaxing puzzle experience and promises an engaging journey as Aarik in an adventure using his father’s crown repair, reworking, and rewinding to mend the broken world. The game becomes available on June 20th for PC users.

Offering a great variety of puzzles that become even more complex as the game progresses, the game offers a chill puzzle adventure. Players will be able to use the magical crown, equipped with powerful stones, to change their surroundings and advance through the game. This includes dragging and dropping elements, rotating objects, and utilizing special powers to uncover secrets and navigate through the game.

Aarik And The Ruined Kingdom follows Prince Aarik’s journey to mend his fractured world and reunite with his mother. This tale is more than just a backdrop for the gameplay, it is about every puzzle and challenge, reflecting deeper themes about creation and problem-solving.



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