How to choose the right gaming laptop

How to choose the right gaming laptop

Gaming laptops have taken the global gaming community by storm. From powerful hardware and impressive displays, to advanced cooling systems, cutting-edge technology, next-level performance, and convenient portability, the simultaneous benefits and capabilities provided by these innovations present users with an irresistible proposition.

With a promise of next-generation gaming experiences alongside newfound immersion, empowerment, and enjoyment, the rapid rise of gaming laptops will only increase in the years ahead. Valued at $12.8 billion in 2023, the global gaming laptop market will reach $17.6 billion by 2030 – illustrating that they are very much here to stay.

But in the present, millions of gamers face the same selection headache: which gaming laptop is right for me?

A common question, often without a simple answer. In the rapidly evolving world of gaming, finding the perfect laptop is crucial for an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience. However, the options can be overwhelming given that there’s so much choice between leading brands on the market – Alienware, ASUS, Dell, HP, MSI, Lenovo, and Razer amongst them.

With this in mind, Kingston Technology seeks to simplify the decision-making process. Below are our essential tips for selecting the most suitable gaming laptop for you:

Know Your Gaming Needs
Understanding your gaming preferences is key when choosing a gaming laptop. For instance, a mid-range laptop offers a cost-effective solution for casual gamers. These typically offer a balance between performance and affordability, handling less demanding games smoothly without compromising on satisfaction. On the other hand, competitive gamers have greater demands and purchasing a high-end gaming laptop with a powerful GPU, fast processor, and high refresh rate display is a non-negotiable necessity. Whatever the case, it’s always best to make a choice that caters to your own gaming needs. This ensures that your laptop meets performance requirements whilst accommodating your gaming style.

Graphics Power: GPU
A powerful graphics card is crucial for enjoying smooth gameplay and vibrant visuals on gaming laptops. From real-time ray tracing for realistic lighting to rendering complex graphics and supporting advanced features, their capabilities bring immersive gaming experiences to life with reduced lag and high speed. Choosing a high-quality graphics card ultimately ensures optimal performance with smooth gameplay and vibrant visuals.

Processor Performance: CPU
When choosing a gaming laptop, prioritising a reputable central processing unit (CPU) is a sure bet for experiencing smoother gameplay, faster load times, efficient multitasking, and an enhanced experience overall. A robust CPU not only enables seamless transitions between games and applications; it positively influences system efficiency and responsiveness during gameplay – thereby elevating performance to greater heights.

Greater gameplay speeds: SSD
Solid-State Drives (SSDs)  employ flash memory to store data, offering faster speeds than traditional hard disk drives (HDDs). In gaming laptops, SSDs significantly enhance speed by reducing loading times and improving system responsiveness. Moreover, SSDs are very reliable due to their lack of moving parts, decreasing the risk of mechanical failure. Additionally, they consume less energy, resulting in longer battery life for gaming laptops, especially crucial for extended gaming sessions on the go.

RAM and Storage
RAM (Random Access Memory) plays a crucial role in a gaming laptop’s performance – enabling quick access to data, improving multitasking, and boosting overall system responsiveness during gameplay. Investing in sufficient RAM is therefore essential for handling modern games, supporting demanding tasks, and ensuring your gaming laptop performs efficiently whilst delivering a seamless user experience. An excellent option is the Kingston FURY Impact DDR5. With cutting-edge features packed into a slim, compact module, the DDR5 enhances a gaming laptop’s capabilities with 8GB, 16GB, AND 32GB module capacities up to 6400 MT/s – ensuring faster data transfer rates, smoother gameplay, and quicker application loading times. The optimal RAM size for gaming laptops typically starts at 16GB, providing a balance between affordability and functionality.

Display Matters
With any gaming laptop, world-class visual encounters are essential. As the title suggests, the display really does matter – and the first step here is choosing a gaming laptop with a minimum refresh rate of 144Hz. Refreshing an image 144 times per second or more is certain to improve gameplay with epic gameplay visuals, as is leading display technology. One option here is IPS, which excels in colour accuracy, wide viewing angles, and better brightness compared to other technologies. IPS ensure vibrant visuals and is well-suited for a variety of games. Another that offers distinct advantages is OLED, renowned for offering unparalleled contrast ratios, deep blacks, and faster response times. OLED is particularly enticing for gamers who prioritise dynamic contrasts and an epic visual experience. Ultimately, choosing between IPS and OLED depends on personal preferences, budget considerations, and the desired gaming experience. However, these are particularly great options to have.

Build Quality
When evaluating a gaming laptop’s build quality, finding the right balance between portability and performance is key. This is why we recommend a device that’s both durable and easy to carry. The keyboard is a vital aspect here. Constant high-performance during extended gaming sessions is important – which is why a laptop with a responsive keyboard is a must. Effective cooling systems are also paramount, especially in high-performance gaming laptops. They prevent overheating during intense gaming sessions, preserving both the laptop’s longevity and performance levels. Always look for laptops with advanced cooling solutions like multiple fans and heat pipes to maintain optimal temperatures and avoid issues. Considering these factors is certain to help ensure that your gaming laptop not only delivers on performance but also provides a comfortable and reliable gaming experience – especially over extended gaming sessions.

Budget Considerations
Ahead of selecting the gaming laptop for you, it’s always best to plan in advance and research how much a market-leading device could cost. Naturally, consumers always weigh their gaming needs against their financial means. However, having a price indication is always important, especially if you want a device from a leading brand in the gaming laptop space. For example, some devices from brands like Asus and HP are available from AED 3000, with some higher-end options costing in the region of AED 6000-7000. In any case, careful budget considerations ensure you invest wisely in a gaming laptop that aligns with your gaming expectations and financial situation. Another tip here is to ensure that the laptop you choose can handle upcoming game releases and technological advancements.

Brand Reliability
Choosing a gaming laptop from a reputable brand is vital, ensuring not only guaranteed performance but also reliable warranty and customer support. We recommend prioritising brands with a history of dependable products and customer assistance for a more secure and satisfying gaming experience without post-purchase problems or worries.

In any case, selecting the ideal gaming laptop is a process that requires thoughtful consideration. After all, gaming laptops are an investment that will benefit you greatly in the years ahead – and the above factors should certainly be considered when selecting a device. Our tips will serve as a valuable guide before and during the process – hopefully simplifying your decision-making before choosing a gaming laptop that perfectly accommodates the exceptional gaming experiences that you expect, deserve, and are searching for.



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