5 trends that will reshape the gaming monitor industry

5 trends that will reshape the gaming monitor industry

The gaming industry is exploding, with PC and monitor sales continuing to surge as more gamers invest in hardware to enhance their experience. This is evidenced by the predicted growth of the overall market for gaming PCs and monitors, which is estimated to increase from 58.8 million units in 2023 to 75.1 million units in 2027 – a rise of almost 29%.

But while this impressive figure may signal exciting opportunities within the industry, there’s also an underlying challenge that has arisen in recent months: inventories have become so great that it will take at least a couple more quarters before they return to normal levels. However, despite this short-term negative impact on inventories, there is still cause for optimism within the gaming monitor industry. With increasing investment from all sides of the industry – including manufacturers, retailers and consumers eager to invest in better technology – there are plenty of opportunities available to those looking to make an informed purchase decision.To help gamers make the most informed choice when selecting their gaming monitor, here’s an overview of the current market for gaming monitors, drawing on insights from the industry. Our expert is Abdul Moiz Arif, Regional Sales & Product Manager for ViewSonic Operations in the Middle East and Africa.

  • High-end gaming monitors are becoming increasingly popular among serious gamers as they offer features that can make all the difference when competing at a professional level:

This has led to considerable demand for high-quality equipment that can handle rapid inputs and respond quickly. These gaming systems allow for quicker reaction times and a smoother gaming experience overall. At ViewSonic, we are introducing monitors specifically designed for gaming to meet the demands of this growing market, with higher resolutions and larger sizes making them far more desirable than standard PC monitors. And we are serving both groups of gamers and professional.

  • 4K Ultra HD resolution is swiftly gaining traction within the gaming monitor sector, with larger screens boasting higher pixel densities and crisper visuals than ever before:

This is helping make gameplay more immersive and enabling gamers to enjoy richer color, contrast and clarity than ever before. Ultra HD monitors have the potential to revolutionize gaming, allowing players to truly get immersed in their virtual environments. Lately we have launched professional gaming monitor with 4K resolution XG321UG  that provides users to experience a new level of visual performance and to upgrade their gameplay, featuring Mini LED technology that redefines expectations and upcoming models with OLED technology in high resolution.

  • Adaptive-Sync technology is also growing in popularity with gamers, as it helps to ensure smooth and stutter-free visuals while eliminating screen tearing:

This technology synchronizes the monitor’s refresh rate with a user’s GPU, which helps to ensure smooth and responsive visuals. This can be especially beneficial for competitive gamers looking to gain that extra edge in fast-paced games like first-person shooters.

  • Curved gaming monitors are increasingly being embraced by the industry too, as they provide a surrounding kind of field of view:

These curved designs help create a more immersive experience by wrapping around the user, providing them with a greater sense of depth and field of view. With its larger size and curvature, these types of displays draw users further into their virtual worlds while reducing any potential eye strain associated with long gaming sessions.

  • eSports are becoming an increasingly pervasive part of the gaming industry:

Some specialized monitors are now coming equipped with features such as pre-calibrated settings for quick optimization and ultra-low latency levels to give gamers a competitive edge during fast-paced play. They’ll need more powerful displays that can keep up with their fast-paced reactions; like ViewSonic’s XG2431 features an ultra-smooth 240Hz display that pushes FPS gaming into new territory. Monitors that come with higher refresh rates deliver superior motion resolution compared to conventional 60 Hz monitors, drastically reducing input lag and providing an edge during intense gaming sessions.


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